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Jim Mayo - CALLERLAB history

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Jim Mayo - CALLERLAB history


In a presentation from a CALLERLAB History / Heritage / Tradition session in 2005, Jim Mayo recounts some of the events that led up to the founding of that organization in 1974. He discusses how square dance choreography changed from the common Goal Post routines with the introduction of the Chicken Plucker routine that started in 1957. As modern squares developed in the 1960s, traveling callers started introducing a flood of new calls; dancers and local callers were hard pressed to keep up. The activity also saw the creation of note services, which spread the new figures and new routines. By the early 1970s, there was a widespread plea to bring some order to the chaos.

The CALLERLAB session began with comments from Herb Egender, who was one of the Cheyenne Mountain Dancers with Lloyd Shaw. Mayo was the second speaker, followed by Jon Jones. Sessions videotaped by Cal Campbell.


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