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Square Dance Goes To College, The (1941 article)

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Square Dance Goes To College, The (1941 article)


"Your grandmother enjoyed it and so did her grandmother, enjoyed it and so did her grandmother, so there is nothing new about square dancing. Yet this ancient dance form is capturing the fancy of the collegiate crowd as has nothing since the Big Apple came up from the backwoods of South Carolina."

This journal article combines reports from two college campuses. At the University of North Carolina, the organizer and caller is Richard Worley. According to the author, "Some of the figures he uses are: the right hand across, bird in the cage, Georgia rang tang, grapevine twist, four-leaf clover, cowboy loop, ocean wave, grand right and left, wring the chicken's neck, wring the dishrag, and the singing wagon wheel, which is a creation of Worley's. He introduced singing to a revolving star formation and had the couples go through motions that the original dance creators never dreamed of."

At John Gould Goddard College in Vermont, "the group has bi-weekly dances at some small hall or farmhouse in Washington County, where the program is part recreation, part study. Every summer they call out competing teams from all over the state, and the lawn tennis court at Goddard College is the stage where men in white trousers and girls in peasant skirts and aprons strive to win the big silver cup." The key figure here is Emerson Lang.

Other schools mentioned briefly are the State College in Connecticut, Ohio State, Texas University, Ohio Wesleyan, the University of Illinois at Urbana, Oklahoma University, and Berea College.


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