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My Little Girl - singing square - Gene Ward

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My Little Girl - singing square - Gene Ward


Singing square dance called by Gene Ward; recorded at the Original Dulcimer Players Non-Electrical Funfest, Evart, Michigan, July 18-22, 1990. Ward, a caller from Durand, Michigan (near Flint), was the headliner for the Michigan Dance Heritage Fall Dance Camp, September 1988, in Lexington, MI.

Musician and caller Glen Morningstar Jr. shared this memory of Gene Ward: "I could pick his voice out of a crowd of 100. Very distinctive and pleasing. He and I had a chance to set and chat at one of the Evart Fun Fests in the early 1980's. I was lauding his square dance calling expertise when he told me that he had a heart attack a few years earlier and the doctor told him he was burning the candle at both ends, farming and milking cows during the day and calling square dances at night. When his doctor told him he had to choose between one and the other, he decided to split the difference and cut back half on each! I'm remembering he sold the cows but kept farming his land. He was still a very popular caller for weekend dances at that time."


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July, 1990

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