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Traditional Square Dance of Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

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Traditional Square Dance of Ocracoke Island, North Carolina


Detailed description of big set dances on Ocracoke Island, and an attempt in 1996 to re-create a dance tradition that had dies out. From the opening page:

"The Ocracoke Island square dance is actually a big circle dance, much like big circle dances performed in the Appalachian Mountains of the eastern United States. However, islanders traditionally referred to their dance as a square dance (to distinguish it from a “round" or ballroom dance).

"Almost all of the island’s original European settlers (like the early settlers of the Appalachians) hailed from the British Isles, and they brought their dance traditions with them. The Ocracoke square dance incorporates many features of English country dances, the most popular dance performed during the American colonial period."


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1996, rev. 2011


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