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Sammy Spring's Quadrille - Don Armstrong

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Sammy Spring's Quadrille - Don Armstrong



This dance, presented by Don Armstrong at the 1955 Minnesota State Square Dance Convention, comes from the calling of Sammy Spring. Don remarks in his introduction that the dance is similar to one of the figures of the Lancers, and he has this to say about the man from whom he learned the dance:

"We are privileged to have down in Florida one of this country's few remaining fiddling prompters. I don't like to talk too much as a square dance but about a guy like this, occasionally it's nice to let folks in on what we have in some areas. Old Sammy Spring—I guess he's been calling square dances a long, long time—he admits to being 74. Sammy does a remarkable job fiddling and prompting the old quadrilles at the same time."


live recording by Eric Clamons

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