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Doc Alumbaugh - styling

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Doc Alumbaugh - styling


Alumbaugh's "Styling Suggestion for Square Dancing" is a systematic approach to what he sees as the five components:
• Poise
• Bearing
• Rhythm
• Timing
• Local Mannerisms

The author quickly acknowledges that there are different local styles; his aim is to present the style of southern California and to encourage other callers to present their own local customs. As part of his summery, he writes, "Strange as it may seem, most local mannerisms have been originated and adopted by the dancers themselves and are a result of their wishing to do with something more in the way of "style" than just getting around the floor. It is part of the caller's job to analyze these points as he sees them in his groups, pick out the good points from the bad, and then encourage or discourage them in the light of his best judgment and for the good of the majority of dancers."



Callers Service Bulletin, #1507, included on Buddy Weaver's website of square dance articles

Date Created

July 11, 1952

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