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Six Pass Thru - Tony Parkes

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Six Pass Thru - Tony Parkes


Tony Parkes, caller. Recorded at Dare To Be Square, Brasstown, NC, November 19, 2011. Musicians for this session were Steve Hickman and Jim Morrison, fiddles; Claudio Buchwald, piano; and Sam Bartlett, banjo. The tune is "Woodchopper's Reel" (aka Pea Soup Reel).

Although this dance uses traditional basics and is called in phrased New England style, it is a blend of two sequences borrowed from callers associated with the modern square dance movement. The first half of the figure comes from a break used by Dick Leger on a Sets in Order "sound documentary" LP and presumably written by him. The second half comes from "Queen's Quadrille" by Jerry Helt.

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