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New England Squares workshop sampler

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New England Squares workshop sampler


This is a sampler of the dances presented by Tony Parkes in his workshop on New England Squares, November 19, 2011. Each dance is presented in more detail, including many with walkthroughs, in other videos in this location:

00:00 Crooked Stovepipe
00:33 Kitchen Lancers
01:28 Deer Park Lancers
02:02 Parisian Star
02:30 Merry Mix-up
03:32 Darling Nellie Grey (two versions)

Tony commented on several "defining characteristics" of New England squares. The dance is very closely wedded to the music; whether it's a singing square or prompted or containing patter, the dancers step out on the musical phrase. The other defining feature is the presence of long and frequent swings, done with a buzz step. Unlike southern or western squares, New England dances don't contain the docey-do, the series of hand turns with partner and neighbor.

Recorded at the Dare To Be Square Weekend, John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, NC. Co-sponsored by the Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS), the event brought together six experienced callers representing different styles of traditional and modern square dance with about 70 square dance enthusiasts.

Musicians for this set were Jim Morrison and Steve Hickman, fiddles; Claudio Buchwald, piano; Sam Bartlett, banjo.

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November 19, 2011

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