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Square Dance Resources - CDSS website

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Square Dance Resources

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Square Dance Resources - CDSS website


A rich, detailed, extensive collection of resources assembled by caller Nils Fredland and hosted on the website of Country Dance and Song Society. In some ways, the website mirrors this site in attempting to list materials about all aspects of square dancing. The square dance enthusiast will find much there of interest.

Contains the following sections:

  • What Is Square Dancing? — A friendly intro
  • Styles — Overview of six major categories of American squares
  • History — Links to articles and websites focused on square dance history
  • Caller Resources — Advice and commentary, dance figures, reference sites
  • Organizations — Proponents of square dancing in the US and Canada
  • Traditional Groups — Local groups in the US that promote or host traditional squares
  • Traditional Callers — Directory of traditional square dance callers
  • Video & Audio — Video of events from the 1940s to today, video/audio of specific dance figures

The site includes some information about modern square dancing, but the focus is more on traditional dance.


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