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Ted Sannella - Reel Your Partner (clip)

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Ted Sannella - Reel Your Partner (clip)


This clip starts with the middle break. The dance is published in Ted Sannella's book Balance and Swing.

Live recording by Ted Sannella at the Downeast Country Dance Festival, South Portland, Maine; March 13, 1993. Music by The Old Grey Goose (Jeff McKeen, accordion; Carter Newell, fiddle and feet; Doug Protsick, piano). Tune is Glise de Sherbrooke.

A CD with 14 live recordings of Ted Sannella calling is part of Ted's booklet, Calling Traditional New England Squares, published by Country Dance and Song Society. The selections on the CD were chosen because of the variety of the breaks.



Calling Traditional New England Squares; original tape is in the Ted Sannella Collection at the University of New Hampshire

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March 13, 1993

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cassette tape



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