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Push Ol' Pa and Push Ol' Ma - Bill Litchman

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Push Ol' Pa and Push Ol' Ma - Bill Litchman


Bill Litchman calls at the Dare To Be Square weekend held November 18-20, 2011, at the John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, NC. The usual pattern for the figure is for the active gent to lead three different ladies down the center; Bill recognizes his mistake and calls it this way starting with the second time, and comments (2:00) "feels better already!". Bill says he learned this dance from Diane Ortner.

Although the dance feels like it could be a traditional western figure, it appears to have been created in 1952 by Herb Mangan, a California caller. See the related item for more details.

Musicians are Steve Hickman and Claudio Buchwald, fiddles; Jim Morrison, guitar; Sam Bartlett, banjo. The dance figure is usually associated with southern and western traditional dancing, but the tune played here is "St. Anne's Reel."



Nov. 20, 2011


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