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CALLERLAB Milestone Recipients

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CALLERLAB Milestone Recipients


The photograph shows the Milestone Award recipients in 1980 in Miami. Left to right: Charlie Baldwin, Don Armstrong, Carolyn Lasry, Jack Lasry, Ralph Page. Also receiving the award that year, posthumously, was Benjamin Lovett.

(Note: The pdf contains links to biographies of recipients. Below is general information about the award, followed by a list of recipients.)

The CALLERLAB Milestone Award is the highest award CALLERLAB can bestow on any individual. The nominee is judged against rigid criteria in five separate categories. A nominee must meet the criteria in all five categories to receive the award. The primary purpose of this award is to recognize those individuals, whether CALLERLAB Members or not, who have made outstanding and significant contributions to the field of square dancing. This is often a difficult decision, for there are many outstanding people in our activity.

The Milestone Award is presented to individuals who have met the following five-point criteria in the field of square dancing and have been selected by the Executive Committee (EC) to be honored in this way. These five points are:

1) The recipient must have worked in UNCHARTED FIELDS.

2) The individual’s contributions to the activity much have STOOD THE TEST OF TIME.

3) These contributions must have been UNSELFISH.

4) In the course of making those contributions, the recipient must have displayed true LEADERSHIP AND PROFESSIONALISM.

5) Finally, the recipient's work must have had a BROAD INFLUENCE on the activity.


Milestone Award Recipients
(As Of April 16, 2010)
1975 - Al Brundage, Les Gotcher, Joe Lewis, Lloyd Litman
1976 - Jimmy Clossin, Herb Greggerson, Fenton "Jonesey" Jones
1977 - No Award
1978 - Bob Osgood, Manning Smith
1979 - Doc Alumbaugh, Ed Gilmore, Lee Helsel, Bob Van Antwerp
1980 - Don Armstrong, Charlie Baldwin, Jack Lasry, Benjamin Lovett, Ralph Page
1981 - Marshall Flippo, Cal Golden, Frank Lane
1982 - Jim Hilton, Johnny LeClair, Art Shepherd
1983 - Arnie Kronenberger, Pappy Shaw, Ray Smith
1984 - Jim Mayo, Jim York
1985 - Jon Jones, Dick Leger
1986 - Melton Luttrell, Bill Peters, Dave Taylor
1987 - No Award
1988 - Bruce Johnson
1989 - Bill Davis, Decko Deck
1990 - No Award
1991 - Herb Egender
1992 - Jerry Haag, Jerry Helt, Stan & Cathy Burdick, Lee Kopman
1993 - Earl Johnston
1994 - Martin Mallard, Bob Ruff
1995 - No Award
1996 - Osa Mathews
1997 - Ralph Piper
1998 - Bob Howell, John Kaltenthaler
1999 - Gloria Rios Roth
2000 - Tony Oxendine
2001 - Jack Murtha, Mike Seastrom
2002 - Bill Heyman, Vaughn Parrish, Al Stevens
2003 - Stew Shacklette
2004 - Wade Driver
2005 - No Award
2006 - Betsy Gotta, Calvin Campbell
2007 - No Award
2008 - Ed Foote
2009 - No Award
2010 - Masaru Wada

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