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Kentucky Set Running - 1993

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Kentucky Set Running - 1993


Notes by John Ramsay: "The Kids From The Country, a country dance team from Silver Creek School in Berea, Kentucky demonstrate "running a set" or Set Running. Their music teacher, Mr. Barton, is the caller. Note that each couple takes a turn being the leader. In Daniel Boone's time, each couple would repeat the same figure; when each had their turn, a new figure would be introduced and the dance would last an hour or two. In this demonstration, each couple introduces a different figure and it lasts only a few minutes."

Figures include:
Lady Round the Lady and Gent Around the Gent
Swing at the Wall, Swing in the Hall
Swing Your Ma, Swing Your Pa
Eight Hands Across
* Grapevine Twist

The introduction begins at 1:30, and the actual dancing begins at 2:30.

* A search for "Grapevine Twist" in this project's digital collection will return references, audio clips, and video clips showing that figure, including Elizabeth Burchenal's silent footage from the 1930s.

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