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Jingle Bells (clip) - David Park Williams

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Jingle Bells (clip) - David Park Williams


From the CD set "Mostly Quadrilles," containing two CDs of called dances, 24 in all, and two CDs of just instrumental tracks, arranged by David Park Williams. Musicians are Bill J. Sparrow, fiddle; Elizabeth Olsen, piano; Mark Williams, bass.

In a long dance autobiography, Williams wrote:

"In the summer of 1942 at age 17 I was a camper at Camp Timberlake in Plymouth, VT. The farmhouse had just been built. The Farm was still part of Timberlake. We had a cabin near the edge of the woods to the east; the other guys called me "Grandpa Williams" because I was the oldest camper. We went to nearby square dances; Linn Cady was the caller. I loved the singing quadrilles and they are still my favorites."

This version of the dance is the one that Dudley Laufman also remembers hearing Cady call. For a completely different set of calls set to this popular tune, listen to the version by well-known New Hampshire caller Ralph Page.

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