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Presque Isle Eighth (clip) - Rod Linnell -

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Presque Isle Eighth (clip) - Rod Linnell -


The tune is Crooked Stovepipe. Rod Linnell: "We used to spend each winter in northern Maine and call dances there and in neighboring New Brunswick. During one of these winters, the Presque Isle club held an eighth anniversary dance. The night before he event we had to drive about 120 miles to a New Brunswick engagement, and while on the journey home after midnight, we made up a special dance to use on the anniversary. Thus — Presque Isle Eighth. This has been quite a favorite with most everyone and is, I think, one of my better efforts."

Ted Sannella adapted the figure to create his Presque Isle Eight (no "h" at the end) and Tod Whittemore in turn took Ted's dance and created his yodeling square, Grandma Slid Down the Mountain.

Released on the Rodeo label (Canada, RXP1), with music by The Maritime All Stars.



Square Dances from a Yankee Caller's Clipboard, by Rod Linnell and Louise Winston (1974)

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