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Big Can of Worms - Grid Square - Bob Isaacs

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Big Can of Worms - Grid Square - Bob Isaacs


Bob Isaacs is calling a dance he wrote, with music provided by the Clayfoot Strutters:

Pete Sutherland - fiddle
Mark Roberts - banjo
Lee Blackwell and Ben Davis - guitars
Harry Aceto - bass
Jeremiah McLane - accordion
Peter Davis - piano

You can find Bob teaching the dance here.

Two other dances from that "grid squares" session are located here: The tune is Red Prairie Dawn (© Gary Harrison). This was recorded at the Dance Flurry, Saratoga Springs, NY on February 20, 2011. There were about 80 squares dancing in the main hall for the Grid Squares session. This was the second of four dances that Bob taught in the 75-minute session, advertised for experienced dancers.

Bob is coming from a background in contras and traditional squares. Modern square dance has similar choreography in "progressive squares" and "exploding squares." This one would be classified as an exploding square because all four couples move to a new square at 90° from the one they're in.

In traditional squares, the same pattern is repeated each time through the dance; in modern the calls vary so dancers don't know what to expect. For exampless of that, see this clip called by Mike DeSisto or Nasser Shukayr.


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February 20, 2011


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