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Rich Sbardella - MWSD Early – Basic Program

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Rich Sbardella - MWSD Early – Basic Program


The recording is One Horse Reel on Top/Grenn label. Patter called by Rich Sbardella. This set is called to a more traditional style of music, which is strongly phrased, and the caller is calling well timed prompted modules, not sight calling.

Rich Sbardella writes: "The MWSD calls are all prompted in Dick Leger's method, and the live music calls are a mixture. I have been calling MWSD for 20 years but I have never used sight calling and 95% of the calls I use are from the Callerlab "basic" list. I develop a figure, usually 64 beats or 96 beats, then I develop a patter tip by combining a break with a 64 beat pattern, followed by a 96 beat pattern. I call both figures, once for heads and once for sides, then I conclude with the same break as starting break. Dick Leger would usually call the same pattern twice for heads and twice for the sides; he would also generally use the same break to begin, in the middle, and to end the patter. When I began my calling journey, I did not want to be like anyone else, but I wanted to continue with Dick's timing method. My calling looks to be a little more MWSD but it too is disguised traditional calling."


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April 13, 2012


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