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Square Dance festival programs

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Square Dance festival programs


This collection of more than two dozen festival programs from the 1940s until early 1960s gives a good sense of what material was being called as well as names of featured callers.

In chronological order, the festival programs in this collection are:
Texas, 1948
Albuquerque, 1949
Minnesota, Winona, 1949
Minnesota, Winona, 1950
Minnesota, St. Charles, 1950
U of MN, 1950
Oklahoma 1951
Southwest Kansas, 1952
Oklahoma, 1952
Delaware Valley, NJ 1954
Delaware Valley, NJ 1955
Nebraska, 1955
Delaware Valley, NJ1956
Oklahoma (Northeast), 1956
Oklahoma, 1956
Southern Arizona 1957
Albuquerque, 1958
Las Vegas, 1960
Oklahoma City, 1960
North Dakota, 1961
Oklahoma, 1964
Liberal, KS, 1965
Oklahoma, 1966
Douglas, AZ, n.d.
Colorado – YMCA Association Camp, n.d.


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