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Nils Fredland - Birdie in the Cage and Seven Hands Round

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Nils Fredland - Birdie in the Cage and Seven Hands Round

Alternative Title

Ladies Whirligig


Birdie in the Cage is a traditional square dance figure and a common one; a search for "birdie" on this SDHP website will bring up more than half a dozen other examples. In this version, each of the "birdies" fly out in turn to join another square before they return to their original square at the end of the dance. The figure at the start is also known as Ladies Whirligig.

The caller is Nils Fredland, recorded at the "Retrospective" session at the Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend, January 19, 2013, Durham, New Hampshire. This year's session focused on square dances of many styles. The musicians are Notorious (Eden MacAdam Somer, fiddle, and Larry Unger, guitar); the tune is "Buck Mountain."

Complete instructions for the dance will be found in the RPDLW 2013 Syllabus, which will be online (starting in January 2014) here. The dance is also described in detail in On the Beat with Ralph Sweet.

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January 19, 2013


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