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Alex Boustead – biographical info

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Alex Boustead – biographical info


Alex Boustead was also one of the founding members of the Canadian Olde Tyme Square Dance Callers Association. He was introduced to squares in the winter of 1931-32, and in a short time he started calling. He wrote:

"In 1954, Jimmy Fisher decided to form a callers' association and invited me as a founding member along with six others. There was Shorty Bedford, Jack Hayes, Danny Brain, Jack Chapman, and Freddy Townsend, (Graham Townsend's dad) along with Jimmy and I. After a few weeks, we had rounded up several more callers and made it an official association with an executive and crest. Jimmy Fisher was the first president, Murray Morrison - the secretary, and I - the treasurer. ...

"The Callers' Association was started to promote Canadian Olde Tyme square dancing and to prevent American square dancing from making headway into Canada. Being loyal Canadians, we wanted to preserve our traditional olde tyme dances which were created by the pioneers. English, Irish, Scottish and French each contribute parts of their dances; i.e. jigs, reels, quadrilles, etc. and called them Canadian Olde Tyme Squares."

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