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The rich story of North American square dance finally has a home in the digital age.

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Square Dance Resources - CDSS website

A rich, detailed, extensive collection of resources assembled by caller Nils Fredland and hosted on the website of Country Dance and Song Society. In some ways, the website mirrors this site in… View item
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Nils Fredland - Bachelor Mill

This dance originated with George Waudby, of Tucson, Arizona, and was adopted by Jimmy Clossin of El Paso, Texas. It is described in more detail in Lee Owens, Advanced Square Dance Figures of the West… View item
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Little Red Wagon - Nils Fredland

Recorded at the Greenfield, MA, Grange Hall on June 27, 2010. The event was sponsored by Country Dance and Song Society to celebrate the publication of "On the Beat with Ralph Sweet."… View item
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Nils Fredland - Bouquet Waltz

Nils Fredland calls a traditional square dance figure to the tune of Kitchen Girl with music provided by Notorious (Larry Unger and Eden MacAdam Somer) and Old New England (Bob McQuillen, Jane… View item