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Bob Ruff - Square Dancing Fundamentals, Level 1

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Bob Ruff - Square Dancing Fundamentals, Level 1


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Caller Bob Ruff (Whittier, CA) created this video to accompany his record, "The Fundamentals of Square Dancing, Level 1" that in turn accompanies a square dance teaching series he created with Jack Murtha. Ruff teaches 35 basic square dance movements, working with a group of elementary school students who had been instructed by teachers Diane Baer and Nick Williams in the Savannah School District, Anaheim, CA. He starts with a large circle of dancers, teaches basic hand position (boys' palms up, girl's palms down), and makes his way systematically through a series of figures.

Still working in a big circle of couples, Ruff teaches the swing starting at 3:55 with a series of direct, specific requests.
     All face your partner.
     Boys, take a little step to your left.
     Boys, take a little step forward.
     Boys, put your left hand up. Girls, put your right hand in his hand.
     Boys, put your right hand on the girl's waist.
     Girls, put your left hand on the boy's arm.
We swing by walking around each other two full turns, and we use that square dance shuffle step to do it.
After you swing, you put the girl on your right and face the center.

It's not until 11:15 that he introduces the four-couple square and its terminology.


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