Bob Ruff - Square Dancing Fundamentals, part 2


Bob Ruff - Square Dancing Fundamentals, part 2


Modern square dance - general; Modern Western 1960 - 1974


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This is the second of two films created by caller Bob Ruff (Whittier, CA) to accompany his record, "The Fundamentals of Square Dancing, Level 1" that in turn is part of a square dance teaching series he created with Jack Murtha. In the film, Ruff teaches 35 basic square dance movements, working with a group of elementary school students who had been instructed by teachers Diane Baer and Nick Williams in the Savannah School District, Anaheim, CA.

Ruff's introduction begins, "Welcome to square dancing, the popular recreational activity enjoyed by millions each week. The square dance has its roots in dances we inherited from England and France. What makes this dance truly American is the addition of the caller. The caller gives the dancer enjoyment by phrasing calls with the music and by calling a variety of movements in interesting combinations. In our film, the dancers, who could be representatives of any age group learning to square dance, will illustrate how to dance movements in the Fundamentals of Square Dancing."

By the end of these two films, a total of just half an hour of demonstrated instructions, it's fun to see just how much dancing can be done with the basic calls that Ruff has introduced.


Bob Ruff

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